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About Colorado Aerial Drone Services


For residential Real Estate we are able to offer you a picture perfect experience that highlights the property from above. We have the ability to show surrounding areas such as parks and other neighborhood improvements. If you want to really highlight the landscape and the neighborhood we can produce a 15 to 30 second video that ends at the front door for a walk thru of the house. We can also support videos on a private link for you and add any of your own graphics that you would like used. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction and with your input we can make anything you want happen. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER AT BOTTOM.

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About Colorado Aerial Drone Commercial Services

Show a finished project or ongoing video or photographic progress

Our passion to help you with your commercial project will be top notch. If you're looking for a video or some images to highlight your property we can get you the perfect combination. We also offer a weekly and monthly update process utilizing a Geo Fencing program. Starting price of $399 for most commercial property but can be adjusted due to size and time. PLEASE CONTACT FOR MORE DETAILS!

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Change the way they see your world

Vacation destinations or any recreational areas

When it comes to capturing an amazing view of your property nothing does it like the power from above. Imagine being able to highlight your amazing views, pools, hot tubs and local areas close to your property. With Drone photography we can highlight everything in your business and give your customers an amazing view of your property. Let us work with you to highlight and capture exactly what you want your guests to see.

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Commercial drone pilots are required to acquire a 107 Certificate from the FAA. We have passed and are certified to fly anywhere in the US. In addition we follow all FAA mandated rules including air space authorization. We track all weather and air traffic before and during our flight. We also require a take off and landing area that is free from all individuals other than the flight crew for safety purposes.

Certified 107 Piliot

We utilize an umbrella policy to ensure safety and to protect your assets. Our clients are protected up $1,000,000 if we should do any damage while in flight.

Drone Insurance

Depending on location please plan your appointments accordingly. Due to FAA regulations we may need to get approval prior to flying certain sites. We try to complete all flights within a few days unless otherwise mandated.  Also, weather is always a consideration in flight planning both from a safety standpoint and to get you the best pictures available. Although we would love to fly for you immediately  caution and safety for all involved is our number one concern. We are able to accommodate most scheduling requests.

 Appointment scheduling notice

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