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Drone Photography

In a time with technology moving fast we truly have a new opportunity to show a new view of amazing Real Estate and views like never before. Yet so many people have still not embraced the power of a Drone Photograph. So why should you add a view from above...

Well for starters when someone buys a property it is not only the home they need and want. They want to know the layout of the land, the neighborhood and what is close to them. From simple picture to a video with mapped out areas of interest you allow a potential customer the opportunity to see what they can take advantage of by the property you sell.

Secondly, you can give a different aspect or "view" that may not be seen every day with regular photography. Looking out the top floor window can never be caught as well as with a drone. That Perfect view of the mountains or prairies never looks better than that view from the same eye level that the customer will see if they look out a balcony or window. This is the power of a drone and the ability to show the customer and the consumer you see the greatness of their property.

Third, a video that walks the property and the home from the drive into the neighborhood to pulling into the driveway can be appealing. You can link to a walk through video where your outside video flows into the door and through out the entire landscape and home, making it a true visual experience that is like no other.

Lastly, it separates you from the property across the street that has a few pictures of the outside and never gives the feeling of the neighborhood or shows the home's own elegant charm.

As you think of your next property to sell think of how amazing your property can shine with a professional vision of your property not only from the inside but in the sky that allows you to highlight everything that makes the property amazing.

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